MPS Consultants

CCM is currently being used by most of the major consultant engineers, project managers, and quantity surveyors, some of whom are listed below.



Malcolm Haynes, Project Manager

"I believe the CCM system will assist the Amey, Birse, and Carillion management teams deliver best practice change and risk management to our clients in a transparent and auditable fashion. Being web-based, the system is extremely user friendly and flexible allowing secure access to be achieved wherever internet access is available. In addition, it is set up for each individual contract and, therefore, helps to ensure that the Project Manager strictly follows the requirements for each contract to be administered."

Appleyards Consulting

Stephen Prowse Associate Director

"We are using Management Process Systems (MPS) change control system on major refurbishment and new build projects for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Since employing MPS and their Contract Change Management (CCM) system on our projects, we have found their expertise and assistance in managing our NEC contracts of enormous benefit. To develop our confidence in the use of the CCM system, MPS provided excellent training including really useful sand pit practice sessions. The CCM system has guided our users to ensure that contractual procedures are followed with ease, in a timely manner and given great visibility for all parties to assess the status of the project. Using the on line CCM system which is relatively fast and efficient to use we, the project team, have avoided a myriad of paperwork, duplication of record keeping and most importantly we know that we are all operating from the same real time data."


Angus Stephen Associate

"Using CCM on the Imperial College Princes Gardens construction project has proved to be a great tool in helping us to administer the NEC2 contract. It has simplified and streamlined issuing of the various notices required by the contract. However, its most valuable function is the database, which stores all the project contract data in one place allowing easy recovery by project team members, and provides a clear audit trail of all the key contract communications. I would recommend its use to Project Teams using the NEC contract form."

Brian Bainbridge, Project Manager

"The simplicity and overall transparency of the system was instrumental in establishing a high level of co-operation from all participants within the Project Team at a very early stage of the project."



Capita Symonds

Ian Smith Project Manager

"CCM has proved to be an excellent system and extremely beneficial in helping us to manage change in a transparent and auditable fashion. From a sceptical beginning we have all been convinced of its capabilities."

Ian Walsh, Director Glamorgan office

"Our colleagues at Capita Symonds at Cwmbran have used CCM for a couple of years and we have found the same benefits in that the system provides the necessary control and management in accordance with the NEC Contract."

Chandler KBS

Coffey Projects

Colliers CRE

Cox Project Management

Derek Cox Director

"Cox Project Management place a high value on the significant benefits flowing from the use of CCM and will extend its use to future projects wherever possible."

Currie and Brown

Jack Keillor Associate

"The provision of the CCM system has been extremely reliable and invaluable in administering the level of communication on this project for CR UK and University of Cambridge. It simply would have not been possible without."

Cyril Sweett

Davis Langdon

Project Management team Davis Langdon LLP

"The provision of the CCM system has been extremely reliable and invaluable in administering the level of communication on this project for CR UK and University of Cambridge. It simply would have not been possible without."

E C Harris

Martin Hoff Senior Project Manager

"CCM encourages and ensures that both the ECC Project Manager and Contractor adhere to ECC contract administration processes. Of particular benefit is the "blown thermometer" indicator which drives adherence to the contract response timescales. This also encourages the effective use of the EW process, early resolution of issues and reduces the need for "reactive" NCE's (notification of compensation events) in dealing with contract change issues. CCM assists the PM to encourage the Contractor to provide Early Warnings of any threats and opportunities. This enables the PM to proactively manage project risk well in advance of its impact, as well as take advantage of any opportunities for cost savings. The system also helps reduce business risk to the organisations involved due to the quality assurance of the processes within a rigorous audit trail. This reduces the potential for significant conflict, and provides robust information for the resolution of any dispute."


Mike Millett, Managing Surveyor, Faithful+Gould

"The NEC ECC conditions of contract provide a robust method of controlling and managing change throughout the duration of a project but require careful administration and implementation to be in accordance with the provisions of the contract. The use of CCM has contributed significantly to the successful delivery of the Bicker Fen project for National Grid. The system instils a strict discipline into the process, ensuring adherence with the prescriptions of the NEC. It is particularly useful for Project Managers unfamiliar with this form. The system is intuitive and easy to implement. It provides all parties with live access to the status of changes and potential changes throughout the duration of the project and brings benefits to project control where team members are spread across several locations."

Franklin and Andrews

Peter Game, Project Quantity Surveyor, Franklin + Andrews

"The project comprised a £45 million infrastructure contract, carried out in two Phase's using the NEC 2 form of contract. CCM has proved itself to be an excellent cost management tool, which has helped to manage change on the project, by allowing authorised active users to raise changes on the project. At the same time allowing authorised inactive users to access any contract data, producing an effective audit trial, that presents the information in a clear and logical format. The menu's and drop down lists act as a good cross reference to the relevant clauses of the NEC 2 contract .The system ensures that users follow a disciplined approach to cost and project management which has already contributed to the prompt agreement of the Final Target costs on the Phase 1 works. I would have no hesitation in using CCM for future projects."

Gardiner and Theobald


Halcrow Group

Paul Simpson Site Supervisor

"CCM means authorised people can access any contract notification at any time so the information is always easily available for audit purposes. In addition, the various view screens and prompts, such as blown thermometer icons, help the team to achieve response periods that are set out in the contract."

Roland Grzybek Director for flood defences and river engineering

"My main appreciation of the CCM approach is the discipline it instils in the parties to adopt the ECC time frames, and the intangible benefit that it forces them to speak and communicate to each other more - in short, it encourages better communication and understanding."

Kiley Associates

Jacobs Babtie

Chris Hatcher Principal Engineer Jacobs UK Ltd

"Despite a couple of gremlins, which have been resolved promptly, CCM has made administration of the contract much simpler."

JMP Consultants Ltd


Martin Wright Associates

Mott MacDonald


Steve Logan, Project Manager

"The Third Edition of the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract was identified as the most appropriate contract conditions under which to construct the first post-trial Active Traffic Management contract. CCM is an excellent tool in promoting compliance with what is not only a set of contract conditions but a guide to good management practises."

Owen Williams

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Kim Jenkins, Director

"The openness of the CCM system is pivotal in delivering this prestigious project for Transport Wales. The partnering approach makes CCM accessible to all parties and ensures that the NEC process is delivered for the benefit of all parties."

Scott Wilson

The Trevor Patrick Partnership

Turner and Townsend

Kevin Barnes, Project Manager, Turner & Townsend Project Management

"When using the administratively onerous NEC form of Contract, the CCM system comes into its own in ensuring the correct contract procedures are followed and that the correct time periods are adhered to. The CCM system is a transparent process for operating the NEC contract, this enables the contract to be run in the essence of the NEC - of Mutual Trust and Cooperation. By providing a secure, auditable system, CCM adds value to Users of the system and improves the management and operation of the NEC form of Contract. Using the system has definitely been an advantage to the projects involved."

White Young Green

WSP Group

David Wilson Technical Director

"CCM reduces risk and saves money - its that simple."

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