MPS Contractors

CCM is currently being used by a range of national and regional Contractors, some of whom are listed below.

AMCO Group Ltd

Ardmore Group

Balfour Beatty

Adam Lane, Commercial Manager, Balfour Beatty Major Civil Engineering

"CCM is an essential tool for managing the change control process on the M4/M5 managed motorway scheme. MPS have tailored CCM to suit the specific requirements of the Contract which enables users to prioritise actions and implement risk mitigation strategies in a simple and effective format. We see the key business improvement benefits of CCM as improved predictability of cost and time, reduced risk and improved compliance in terms of audit and visibility."

Bam morgansindall Joint Venture

Tony Murphy, Commercial Manager, bam morgansindall Joint Venture

"CCM NEC is an excellent tool for the administration of the NEC Contract providing a rigorous time management process and audit trail. Supplementary reports have been developed and tailored to suit the M62 scheme particular requirements and have demonstrated flexibility that rival processes would have difficulty in matching".

BAM Nuttall

Steve Colley Commercial Manager

"We have used CCM on a number of ECC schemes and it has provided an invaluable tool, assisting the site teams to operate the Contract as intended. The cultural change required to operate ECC contracts needs procedural support which CCM provides in abundance."

J N Bentley Ltd

Birse Power Networks

Rob Elms, Project Manager

"CCM was adopted by our client EDF Energy on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link project. It has proven to be a highly effective system for the monitoring and control of change on the project. The system has dramatically reduced paperwork whilst maintaining an effective and visible audit trail. I would have no hesitation in recommending the system to other potential users."

Bovis Lend Lease


Jon Greetham, Managing Surveyor

"Alfred McAlpine and Carillion have used the CCM system on a number of projects now such as the M60 Widening junctions 5 to 8, the M4 Widening junctions 29 to 32, and the Bedford Western Highway project. The introduction of CCM has enabled many aspects of 'best practice' to be achieved when dealing with and administrating change. It is a fully transparent and intuitive system which, when allied with the excellent support of MPS, has more than surpassed our expectations."

Jeff Curry, BBATM Project Director

"CCM is a system we have used on a number of previous projects including M60 Junctions 5 to 8 Widening, The M4 Junctions 29 to 32 Widening, and The Waterfront in Barrow-in-Furness. We have found that the system provides a fully transparent approach to administrating change on projects. The web based nature of the software gives real time access to all parties providing details of the status of all early warnings and compensation events. It embraces the open and honest approach demanded by the NEC."

Clancy Docwra



Mark Young, Project Manager

"This is our first experience of CCM, and whilst initially a little sceptical, having used it now for 2 years we fully appreciate the benefits it brings to the change management process on medium to large scale projects. CCM has been an extremely effective tool on the A40 and the user friendliness of the software, contractual accuracy and system support offered by Robin Wilkin and MPS is worthy of credit."

Dawnus Construction


Farrans Ltd

Fulton Hogan

Galliford Try

Alun Griffiths Contractors

Hanson Contracting

Hochtief UK Constructing

Phil Hayward Contract Manager

"The CCM system is very user friendly and reduces the amount of contractual paperwork. It is a very useful change management tool and it also provides an easy to follow audit trial from the early warnings to the close out of the compensation event."


Isaac Construction Ltd

ISG Interior Exterior

Jackson Civil Engineering

John Davis Interiors

Jones Bros Ltd

Kier Group

Kitsons Environmental

Lagan Construction

Laing O'Rourke

Simon Chatwin, Commercial Manager, Imperial College Southside Project

"CCM has created a method that allows all information relating to change to be centrally located providing a clear audit trail, usually commencing with an early warning all the way through to an accepted compensation event quotation. The traditional method of hard copy information has almost been eradicated using this system which gives a peace of mind that the information will not get lost or be misplaced as can so often happen. CCM forces you to deal with change in a timely manner tackling it head on in an arena open to all key parties. I would highly recommend its use and I hope to use it again going forwards on future projects."


Gary Brenner, Commercial Manager

"Best system I've used !"



Morgan Sindall

May Gurney

Anton Roszynski, Area Manager

"Using CCM has proved a very valuable tool in monitoring the East Kent Access project. It has helped ensure that we comply with the contract requirements and enable us to keep track of the changes so that all parties are clear on the status of the project and understand the affect of any change."

Modus Group

Morrison Utilities

Murphy Group

Naylor and Walkden

NPower Connections Group

Geoffrey Osbourne




Schneider Electric


Martin Gould Commercial Executive Siemens Transmission & Distribution

"CCM has been an invaluable tool during the course of our Projects and has been integral to our forecasting and budgeting procedures. We are now in a position where the first 4 Projects totalling £26million are now approaching completion and the final targets have already been agreed. The cost / time savings have been of a significant magnitude that we are now implementing CCM with our major subcontractor on the next 3 Projects."



Telent Technology Services Ltd

Thales Rail Signalling Solutions

Thomas Barnes & Sons plc

Thomas Vale

Van Oord

VHE Group

Mark Goldsworthy , Managing Surveyor

"I would have no hesitation in using the system again on future projects and would recommend its use to clients at the outset of ECC based contracts."

Vinci Construction

Volker Fitzpatrick

Volker Stevin

Marcus Foweather, VSD Avenue Project Director

"The Avenue is a unique and complex site physically and the contract documentation is equally complex. As a Contractor it is absolutely crucial that the contract management and change management is handled comprehensively and so far we are pleased with the CCM system which has been provided by MPS. The system is proving invaluable in keeping track of contractual correspondence and in particular Early Warnings, Contractors Quotations and Project Manager's Instructions."

Wallis Interiors


Walter Lilly

Simon Gautrey Senior Surveyor Walter Lilly & Co Ltd

"The CCM system has proved invaluable in recording, tracking and evaluating the changes made throughout our complex refurbishment project, and has assisted the whole project team to manage and agree the changes as the works proceeded and in the timescales required by the ECC. Utilisation of the valuation procedure available on CCM also aided the timely payment of complex variations.The ease of use of the system and the saving of lengthy paper trails makes the system extremely beneficial to use when compared to traditional methods of change management, and provides an easily auditable trail for all parties."

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