NECĀ® Contract Management

CCM supports all of the NEC suite of contracts: ECC Options A, B, C, D and E, PSC,and TSC among others.

Main features are:

  • Full support for all NEC communications and processes

  • Role based workflow application.

  • The easiest to use NEC support application

  • Extensive Contract reporting

Optional features are:

  • Project Risk Register

  • Technical Queries

  • Programme reporting

Key system attributes are:

  • Visibility All information is visible to all users. It is comprehensive and 100% up-to-date.

  • Responsive Imminent and overdue communications are highlighted encouraging users to perform and respond on time

  • Governance As processes are embedded users either do things properly or not at all

  • Risk Visibility of information reduces the risk of surprises, the Risk Register helps with active risk management

  • Audit Complete records of who did what, and when, for all communications

  • Archiving PDF copy of all contract data can be provide for archiving purposes

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