What they say

"CCM reduces risk and saves money - its that simple. "

David Wilson Technical Director
WSP Group

"CCM is an invaluable tool - integral to our forecast and budget procedures. Performance targets are already agreed on four projects as they approach completion. Cost and time savings are so significant that they justify further use of CCM on our next three Projects."

Martin Gould Commercial Executive
Siemens Transmission & Distribution

"Our project teams on CTRL and Heathrow Terminal 5 have found CCM to be an invaluable tool. The visibility it provides to our customers on status and the audit trail of contract change has significantly reduced cost escalation risk and ambiguity over final price."

Miles Hearn Operations Director
EDF Energy Services

"It eliminates the need for a dedicated document controller saving the project £40k per annum in resource costs."

Fastway Project team

"CCM is an excellent system. It was extremely beneficial in helping us to manage change, and the requirements of the Contract, on our clients complex refurbishment project, which required various redesigns after the tenders had been received."

Jack Keillor Associate
Currie & Brown

"I would not hesitate to recommend this system to anyone operating a similar contract."

John Skeet Project Supervisor - Rookery Crossroads
Mouchel Parkman

"I've used CCM in the administration of the £100million M60 widening project in conjunction with the Project Manager's staff over a 3 year period and have found that as a consequence that the management of the commercial aspects have been greatly streamlined. I have no doubt that CCM has "paid for itself" several times over in terms of the reduction in the administrative burden alone."

Brendan Deacy Commercial Manager

"CCM means authorised people can access any contract notification at any time so the information is always easily available for audit purposes. In addition, the various view screens and prompts, such as blown thermometer icons, help the team to achieve response periods that are set out in the contract."

Paul Simpson Site Supervisor

"I've been using the two-way system in co-operation with the contractor and, because it is Internet-based, have been able to access it from any PC which has anetwork point. I would certainly recommend CCM for all large-scalecontracts."

Paul Froggitt Quantity Surveyor M60 junctions 5 to 8

"My main appreciation of the CCM approach is the discipline it instills in the parties to adopt the ECC time frames, and the intangible benefit that it forces them to speak and communicate to each other more - in short, it encourages better communication and understanding."

Roland Grzybek Director for flood defences and river engineering

"CCM encourages and ensures that both the ECC Project Manager and Contractor adhere to ECC contract administration processes. Of particular benefit is the “blown thermometer” indicator which drives adherence to the contract response timescales. This also encourages the effective use of the EW process, early resolution of issues and reduces the need for “reactive” NCE’s (notification of compensation events) in dealing with contract change issues."

Martin Hoff Senior Project Manager
EC Harris LLP

"CCM has been used by Imperial College Building Projects Division for some years now and we are pleased to continue our relationship with Management Process Systems. The CCM system assists us in the management of our NEC contracts, providing easy access and overview of management information. Its value has been proven over the years and we have recently decided to use it on all projects with a capital value of over five million pounds. As Project Managers and Client our experience of using CCM across the university estate has proven the benefits of this excellent system."

Angus Stephen Assistant Director of Building Projects
Imperial College

"CCM assists the PM to encourage the Contractor to provide Early Warnings of any threats and opportunities. This enables the PM to proactively manage project risk well in advance of its impact, as well as take advantage of any opportunities for cost savings. The system also helps reduce business risk to the organisations involved due to the quality assurance of the processes within a rigorous audit trail. This reduces the potential for significant conflict, and provides robust information for the resolution of any dispute."

Martin Hoff Senior Project Manager
EC Harris LLP

"Cox Project Management place a high value on the significant benefits flowing from the use of CCM and will extend its use to future projects wherever possible."

Derek Cox Director
Cox Project Management


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Contract Change Management

Collaborative workflow business support system to manage commercial contract change processes.

Data Access & Storage

ADOBE PDF publication of information in a CCM database: documents, attachments and internal audit trail.


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