“As a contract administration tool CCM is excellent, over four years I worked with the MPS Team to customise various elements to best fit our onsite operational processes and commercial reporting. They were always open to new ideas resulting in efficiencies and cost savings. The best bit – it took us away from emails and stored all of our communication in one easy to use accessible and auditable platform!” 


David Howarth | Arcadis

"I was always CCM's biggest critic until I used it, believing you could do most of what it does in other ways, however having agreed the final account on our programme six weeks after completion with CCM's help I believe it should be adopted on all future schemes. What it saves in bureaucracy more than covers its monthly capital cost on each scheme."


Mike Hinds | Highways England

"CCM supports key objectives of the ECC i.e.collaborative decision making, proactive management of risk, and speedy agreement of change. Client and senior management have full visibility of the process and are able to access the system remotely and monitor compliance."


Environment Agency

"CCM has been used by Imperial College Building Projects Division for some years now and we are pleased to continue our relationship with Management Process Systems. The CCM system assists us in the management of our NEC contracts, providing easy access and overview of management information. Its value has been proven over the years and we have recently decided to use it on all projects with a capital value of over five million pounds. As Project Managers and Client our experience of using CCM across the university estate has proven the benefits of this excellent system."


Imperial College | London



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