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A closer look at the NEC Contract Horizon platform

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

New agreements, new technologies and new projects come with their own levels of anxiety and confusion, but one way to streamline the drawing up, editing and entering contract information is to use the new online NEC Contract Horizon.

By engaging the online tool, users can have complete control and visibility over the contract at all times. The latest version of a contract is online and easily accessible, helping to prevent the long paper trail that is s

ynonymous with contracts on construction jobs of all sizes.

The contract can easily be shared with collaborators and allow their voice to be heard thanks to their comments on certain sections and clauses being visible. It’s also extremely safe because it is stored online – no hard copies to go missing or be damaged.

Let’s take a look at the additional features of the NEC Contract Horizon platform…

Save time in future

The NEC Contract Horizon platform allows you to save previous contracts, so rather than draw up a whole new agreement with every new project, you can save existing templates and adapt them to make them suitable for subsequent jobs. This 21st century efficiency saves time, money and confusion.

The contracts are entirely customisable, and it’s easily done, thanks to a library of z-clauses within the software.

Sharing and approval

The online nature of contracts means that they can be shared with management teams, legal teams, the board o

f directors and associated bodies. This means the approval process is much faster and easier than the traditional printing

of lots of copies of long contracts.

This outdated and paper-heavy process can create further work when handwritten comments across multiple copies have to be scrutinised, ratified and added to a new amended document. Instead, the online contract can be instantly distributed to all parties and their comments and feedback viewed i

mmediately online.

There’s also an ability to control who can comment and amend a contract, to prevent too many voices being added to the contract.

Streamlining and efficiency

When contracts are particularly large and complex, the platform allows multiple contributors to work on it at once. This teamwork saves valuable time and money, especially when you consider everyone is working on a single document. This allows it to be updated in real time – not at a later date when multiple amendments have to be collated in the ‘latest’ version of the contract.

The evolving nature of the NEC suite means that

the platform will be updated alongside the new contracts that are released, so it’s a technology that will always stay relevant and won’t lose its functionality with the passing of time. If anything, it’ll likely get easier to use and become more efficient as more features are added over time.

Final thoughts on the NEC contract horizon platform

As the wider construction world is pulled into the 21st century by embracing technological developments, the legal element of the industry should follow suit. When employed correctly the NEC contract horizon platform will save organisations time and money, allowing us to deliver high quality work without any unnecessary delay.

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